Industrial Coating System comprises a full range of products including anti-corrosion primers, fillers and topcoats specifically designed for various light and heavy industrial applications.



The industrial paint mixing system has been developed to mix small and medium quantities of products for various industrial applications. It allows the user to mix the required quality and quantity in minutes, reducing the delivery time of the finished product. This professional system can provide a wide range of products depending on the base resin we choose. The system consists of 17 concentrated dyestuffs and a series of resins, which when mixed provide the chosen tint in the selected finishing and gloss level, polyurethane, alkyd and primer, etc. Common dyes that mix in a variety of different resins reduce the stock level and hence the cost.

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Anticorrosion System

Anticorrosion System

NOVOL's research and development laboratory continuously improves production patterns to ensure that NOVOL products meet the highest standards of professional users. In addition to ensuring that NOVOL products are manufactured to the highest standards, NOVOL's laboratory can also provide individual technological solutions.
As part of our services to our customers, NOVOL carries out specialized inspections of its products such as:

Resistance to salt spray ¨Salt spray ¨
Ultraviolet resistance test
Moisture resistance test
Chemical resistance resistance tests
Impact resistance tests
Erichsen tests
Elasticity tests
Hardness tests
Adhesion tests on various surfaces and substrates.

The entire production process is controlled by the NOVOL Technology Lab, ensuring that the finished product meets the required specifications.

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